After holding Melbourne’s imagination for decades, the mysterious Flinders Street Station ballroom (and its surrounding hidden rooms) has opened to the public to become A Miracle Constantly Repeated – an ecosystem of hyper-real silicon sculptures, video, sound and light devised by Patricia Piccinini for RISING. For her first extensive hometown show in almost 20 years, Australia’s pre-eminent visual artist will augment the ballroom’s architecture with enormous dioramas, sentient saplings, nurturing marine mammals and enormous life-sustaining foliage.

To commemorate the landmark exhibition in Flinders Street Station, RISING has collaborated with Patricia Piccinini and iconic Melbourne brand, ALPHA60, on a limited-edition apparel range. Vivid hues and equivocal imagery define ALPHA60’s collaboration with renowned artist Patricia Piccinini. Ultra-lively yet chic this capsule collection includes four dresses, a long sleeve crew neck tee shirt and baseball cap.

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