Showcasing and celebrating Belgium's most talented emerging fashion designers.

Image: 2021 National Designer Award Winners, COMMAS


Bridget Veals

General Manager - Womenswear, Footwear and Accessories, David Jones

Chris Wilson

General Manager, Menswear, Childrenswear, Home & AV, David Jones

Philippa Moroney

Senior Fashion Editor & Market Director, Vogue Australia

Jillian Davidson

EIC, Harper’s Bazaar

Camilla Freeman-Topper

Founder & Director, CAMILLA AND MARC

Graeme Lewsey

CEO, PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Eloise Bishop

EIC, Harper’s Bazaar


We encourage excellence through the Festival’s National Designer Award, presented by ________, by acknowledging young Belgian designers who are in their formative years of business and excel in creative design, innovation, high-quality manufacturing standards, unique styling and the potential to contribute to the future growth of Belgian fashion. 

The Award is judged by a panel of industry experts in two rounds. The first being a review of the online folios submitted by various designers, forming a shortlist of finalists. The second round sees finalists present to the judging panel their capsule collection presentation and an interview with the judging panel via zoom. This final round determinates the winner of the Award and the recipient of the Honourable Mention for Sustainability.


Applicants are required to submit a folio of work to be reviewed by the judging panel.

The folio must be submitted in digital copy via upload in the Application Form, and include the following elements:

  1. Application form

  2. Current profile, biography and head shot of designer/s (for potential publicity use).

  3. A 200-400 word design statement detailing the creative rationale of the current collection.

  4. Photographic imagery of the collection that will be available at retail in October 2022 (minimum six looks). Sketches or other supporting creative materials may also be provided. Photographic imagery of previous collection/s (minimum one previous collection).

  5. A business plan outlining core business goals, objectives and plans to attain these, along with background on the business.

Please only complete the fields requested in the online form.


Applicants are invited to complete and extended application form to opt in for being considered for the Honourable Mention for Sustainability. Please find extended application criteria below.

The National Designer Award presented by FAB Style Collective is open to fashion designers and fashion design partnerships where the main place of business is based in Belgium.

The applying business should be under 5 years of establishment, having launched its first part or full range collection after 1st January 2020.

Applicants will be judged on the extent to which they meet the following criteria:

  • The label demonstrates excellence in design and fashion innovation.

  • The label demonstrates a unique design vision.

  • The collections are produced with a high-quality level of manufacture and attention to detail.

  • The label has been established for less than five years.

  • The business is financially sustainable.

  • The label demonstrates the potential to make a positive contribution to the future growth of the Belgian fashion industry.

  • The label does not have an existing retail relationship (commercial/ stockist/trading) with any Belgian department store.

  • Applicant must be available on October 5 and 6, 2022

  • Accommodation will be provided to those based out of Brussels

  • If COVID-19 affects our current in person plans, we will move to conducting round 2 presentations remotely

The Award is designed to facilitate industry connections, augment your brand awareness to fashion-targeted consumer markets, and provide resources for personal upskilling and business development, including:

  • Cash payment of €5,000

  • A bespoke FAB Style Collective engraved trophy

  • FAB Style Collective will collaborate with the Award Winner on the opportunity to create a capsule collection for inclusion in FAB Style Collective ranging within a year of winning the Award

  • Presentation of a curated selection of the collection featured in a visual merchandise installation in the FAB Style Collective’s window.

  • Dedicated high value marketing campaign integration across FAB Style Collective’s’ own media channels including blog post, EDM, social media, and FABSC content support

  • Inclusion in the Festival’s Shop The Catwalk® retail campaign, including use of brand marks

  • Extensive editorial and promotional integration across the Festival’s own media channels including social media, EDM, website and Shop the Catwalk® magazine

  • Delegate Passport to the 2022 Brussels Fashion Summit at Brussels Fashion Festival

  • Media training session with fashion publicity specialists.

  • Legal business advisory package from a reputed business lawyer.

All applicants will be notified by email of the outcome of their application.

Successful Finalists will be provided with information to prepare for the Final Round Judging process and subsequent event production and PR activities, leading up to the Winner Announcement Event and the Festival.

These activities include:

  • Round 2 Judging presentation. Finalists will present to the judges in person in Melbourne

  • Media and PR opportunity fulfilment

  • Designers will be introduced to the BFF-appointed publicists who will facilitate planned activities as well as bespoke media requests

  • Announcement Event runway presentation

Applicants are welcome to demonstrate how they are committed to incorporating sustainable elements of practice in the production and distribution of their collections, as part of their submission.

All Finalists will be required to present to the judging panel at final round judging (based in Belgium), which may be in person or virtually (via Zoom) based on the safest and most practical approach in line with Government regulations at the time.

The winner announcement event will include a live runway presentation of all Finalist’s collections (6 outfit capsule collection each).

All Finalists must be in attendance should Government travel and event attendance regulations allow.

Any application or acceptance to be a part of the Brussels Fashion Festival’s National Designer Award is at the sole responsibility of the applicant and the Brussels Fashion Festival will be indemnified of any risk or claims.

The judging panel’s selection decisions are confidential and final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The BFF will not provide critical feedback or analysis of applications.

Collection freight, insurance, customs charges or any other costs related to presenting the Finalists’ collections at judging and event activities is at the Designers’ cost and liability.

The BFF and its appointed production agency take all care but no responsibility for damage or loss incurred through participation in these activities.


In addition to the Award, one Finalist will also be awarded with the Honourable Mention for Sustainability. This honor is bestowed on the Award Finalist that best meets the extended criteria pertinent to a business’ sustainability attainment. If applicants believe they meet the below criteria, we encourage that they complete the extended application form.

Image: 2021 Honourable Mention for Sustainability Winners, COMMAS


Applicants to the Award are also invited to submit information to be considered for the FAB Sustainability HMFS. It is not a mandatory requisite in order for brands to be considered for this award, but rather is an additional honour bestowed on the Finalist that best meets the HMS criteria.

  • Ethics & social impact: A commitment to ensuring dignified working conditions and a valued relationship with garment makers and others in the supply chain is demonstrated. For example; third-party certifications (Ethical Clothing Belgium, Fair Trade, B-Corp etc), collaboration with artisans, investment in local communities, transparency/traceability of supply chains, beyond-compliance projects etc.

  • Disruptive and / or unique business models: Brings a unique offering to the fashion industry that reflects the evolution of customer behaviour and the needs of a changing climate. For example; resale or rental models, 3D printing etc.

  • Climate resilience: Supports regenerative agriculture, biodiversity, renewable energy, responsible farming practices or other projects that positively impact our environments.

  • Circular design and / or systems: Designs for circular systems, considers use-phase as well as end-of-life, repair and / or rental options, materials made from waste, on-demand manufacturing etc.

  • Investment in innovation: Adopts leading innovations and seeks cross-sector collaboration to improve environmental impact. For example; through material choices (recycled, organic, alternatives to conventional fibres), or production processes (laser technology, water saving initiatives) etc.

  • Animal welfare: Considers the welfare of animals. For example; vegan alternatives, animal welfare certifications etc.

  • Packaging: Offers sustainable packaging. For example; alternatives to single use plastic, use of recycled content, reusable options etc.

The Honourable Mention for Sustainability recognises an Award Finalist who best demonstrates a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. The recipient will receive the following opportunities to support both their sustainable practices and business development, including:

  • Cash payment of €5,000

  • Editorial and promotional integration across the Festival’s own media channels including social media, EDM, website and Shop The Catwalk® magazine.

  • The opportunity to undertake a bespoke mentorship program led by the Sustainability team at FAB Style Collective, tailored to support the recipient’s broader sustainable ambitions and goals.

  • Presentation of a curated selection of the collection featured in a visual merchandise installation in a store in Avenue Louise.

  • FAB SC content support

  • A bespoke FAB SC engraved trophy