BFF 2022 Graduate Showcase Application

Please note that applications close at midnight on 26 July 2022.

It's vital that we have both a physical and digital copy of your folio. Your digital folio will be uploaded in this application form. Please ensure that you send your hard copy folio is clearly labelled with both your full name and the institution you are graduating from.

Your hard copy of your folio must arrive no later than 26 July 2022, otherwise, your application will not be considered.
Please review the application criteria to see what needs to be included in your folio.

Please note: you do not need to print this form and attach it to your hard copy folio. Just ensure your hard copy folio is clearly labelled and named when you drop it off or send it in.
* denotes mandatory field

Section 1: Contact Details

Name of applicant
Section 2: Designer Information
We would like to gather some information like your bio and headshot. Please ensure that you provide information that you are happy for us to share with the public for marketing and publicity purposes.
Section 3: Information about